September 28, 2022

A beautiful lawn is a joy to the eyes. But the beauty can be at the stake of danger by the tiny little beasts called pests. It is not only your health that is compromised by the intervention of the pests, but also, they are harmful to the lawn and the plants on it. If you notice a very dear plant of yours is dying without a reason, suspect the pests behind the scenes. The long grasses and weeds in your garden can be a rich source of food for bugs, moles, grubs, etc., as they feed on the turf. However, pest services in San Antonio have mentioned some common bugs and how to identify them.

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Chinch Bugs

These bugs have a feast if there are turf grasses on your lawn. After feasting on the turf, they excrete a chemical-like toxin on the grasses that do not allow the grasses to absorb water and eventually die out of dehydration. From June to September, they become very active and feed on the grasses. You can identify that there are chinch bugs in your lawn if your lawn grass is suddenly turning purple, then brown, and eventually yellow, and they die.




They are larvae of the scarab beetles; they are usually white. Though they are just larvae, they can do enough at this stage that will harm your lawns. They are generally found on the grassroots, and they turn the grass brown, and finally, the grasses die.

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Armyworms and Cutworms


They are night predators, and during the day, they stay inside the caves. They come out at night and feed on the grasses, making your lawn grass die overnight.




They are a threat indoors and outdoors. They built hill-like structures on your lawns which is a very nasty sight to watch. They might bite you and cause tiny red bumps. Further, they gradually find their way indoors and, in a matter of time, will rule your world.




You can keep them away from your lawn by spraying insecticides, pesticides, and regular water. In severe cases, contact the professional. The professionals are well equipped, and they know the different ways to deal with the different kinds of pests. To maintain a beautiful lawn, ensure that you take good care in eliminating pests. Apart from that, cutting the grass regularly and removing debris are some of the ways you can keep the pests away.

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