August 14, 2023

A business is all about client attraction. And what better thing to attract people than a good-looking establishment? Beauty is the base for numerous commercial projects, and the deck only adds to it.


Sometimes, decks are elevated to reach the second floor; however, going above that makes it look odd. The construction is not limited to the ground and second floors since the new trend is to have a deck on the terrace. Many commercial projects are incorporating this idea of terrace decks and using aesthetic and durable railings.


One of the best railings for such decks is a cable railing. Cable deck railing ideas are popping up from every corner. It is simply because cable railings form a perfect fit in this situation. Since cable deck railing ideas are becoming popular, one needs both trendy and unique ones.

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Crafting Unconventional: Redefining The Commercial Landscape

Need some great ideas for your commercial space? Keep reading to find the best ones using durable cable railings.

1.   Cable Railing Art

The conventional cable deck railing ideas are in vertical and horizontal directions; rather than following this, go artistic, and use the cables to add designs to the space beneath the railings. The depiction could be anything, your brand logo, a popular character, something funny or sarcastic, etc. These things draw people’s attention toward your business.


You can also try mosaic patterns with different colors and types of cable. It gives the feeling of being at home.

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2.   Going Green

Attracting customers means people should want to spend time in your space. And who doesn’t love greenery? But, rather than hanging small plant vases on the cable railings, plant climbers and let them use the cables to grow. Planting climbers would improve the look and also provide freshness and clean air.


Remember, the idea is to merge the views (cable and plant) and not go over only one. Using it in office rest areas is also a great idea.

3.   Trying the Uneven

Almost everyone uses even railings, perfectly leveling them at the same level. Do the opposite, make them uneven, combine them with the artistic factor, and see the new look. Use different designs for railing parts, add plant vases, and make the leveled-up part an attraction point.

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4.   Blending In

Cable railings add up with every type of architecture, be it wood, steel, vinyl, rubber, etc. Therefore, making your combination is not a tough task. You can go woody-rustic or steely-rustic to add a modern fusion. However, you need to ensure that the color and design blend with each other, or else the entire idea will appear broken. The motto should be to make them blend in.


Designing is all about variety mixed up to look grasping. The big thing is that there are no rules. You can try any combination you want. Though the point is to be unique, sometimes even the most straightforward idea can be extremely attractive. Remember to always plan your budget before your cable deck railing ideas.

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