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March 26, 2021

Sleep is a very important and often neglected phenomenon of everybody`s health. It is important as it revitalizes the body and reboots our brain to function well. Getting proper sleep also prevents heart disease and excess weight gain. Getting proper sleep also helps you to heal better from any physical or mental injury. Therefore sleep is very important for all of us and along with the perfect environment of your room like peace, lighting, etc. you also need a comfortable bed. For a comfortable bed, you need the perfect mattress which will give you utmost comfort and peace.


Other bedroom accessories such as a bed, pillow, lighting play an important role in getting a peaceful sleep but it is the mattress that you finally sink in. There are various reasons why you should research properly before investing in a mattress as it is a one-time investment and there are various bad effects of continuously sleeping on a bad mattress. Their effects are harmful and can be discussed as under.

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Harmful Side Effects Of Sleeping On a Bad Mattress

. Joint And Back Pain

When you are sleeping on a bed mattress that is old and rugged, you will experience severe joint and back pain because you won’t get enough support for your back. instead your spine alignment will not be correct and so when you will wake up in the morning you will see that you are experiencing immense back pain especially for old people.


. Allergies And Dust Mites

As we sleep during the night we sweat and it is said that we release one cup of sweat at night while sleeping. This sweat gets accumulated in our mattress. Also, while sleeping we shed some dead skin cells and these cells also get accumulated and give rise to bacteria and fungus which keeps growing and so when you sleep on these mattresses you get allergies. People with a severe skin condition like eczema should be more careful because these dust mites can cause severe allergies which will worsen their condition. So, you must change your mattress immediately if you are getting allergies from it.

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. Sleepless Nights 

It is very obvious that those who are sleeping on uncomfortable mattresses will get very less sleep or no sleep. A rigid mattress will hurt their back and not give them comfort and they won’t be able to sleep. Also, a bad mattress will give you night sweats and when you are sweating a lot while sleeping you will tend to wake up in the middle of the night and thus it disrupts your whole sleep cycle and, in the morning, when you wake up you will still feel exhausted and tired. Wrong bed size is another reason for having sleepless nights. You should use the bed size according to your requirement. If you are having a spacious room and are a couple, then you can opt for a double sized mattress.  But if you are single and also have limited space in your room, then you can select one between full bed vs twin. Full beds are of the dimension 53 inches by 75 inches and are perfect for single adults and also for growing teens.

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Twin beds are of the dimension 38 inches wide and 75 inches long. They are ideal for single kids, growing adults and also for singles of medium height. You can use both bed sizes for studio apartments and guest rooms as well.

. Bad Mental Health

When a person is not sleeping enough at night, he/she will not feel energetic in the morning and that person will have extreme mood swings. Lack of sleep doesn’t only affect your physical health but also affects your mental health. When a person is not sleeping properly then that person will always remain frustrated and angry and this will create a negative impact on their lives both personal and work life. Hence having a good mattress is very important for your sleep because not sleeping enough will give you depression, anxiety, and stress.

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Tips For Finding The Perfect Mattress

. Know The Size Of Your Mattress

You must know which size of your new mattress will perfectly match the size of your bed. You must check all the sizes of mattresses available in-store and choose which size will be ideal for your bed.


If you have a single bed, then you should go for single sized mattresses like the twin or the full size beds.. But if you are a couple then you can go for larger beds like the queen and king beds. Both these bed sizes are for the couples but to understand the point of difference between  queen vs king bed, you must first understand their features.

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The queen size beds are about 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. They are customised for the couples but many couples might find them congested.  Couples having a kid or a pet cannot adjust in this size. But the king size bed is about 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. They are very spacious and can easily accommodate a couple having a kid or a pet.

. Check Customer Reviews

One must always look out for customer reviews. They must visit online sites where they will find reviews from genuine customers and this way, they will know which mattress will be most correct for them. Customers always provide their true reviews on the sites and this way while purchasing a new mattress one would know the good qualities and bad qualities of the mattress, they are wanting to buy and this will also assure them before buying their mattress. Checking customer reviews is more like fact-checking before buying.

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. Fix The Budget And Avoid Frauds

You must always have an idea about how much you are going to spend on your new mattress and fix a definite budget because this will help you to find the ideal mattress according to your budget. Also, you must be aware of frauds who sell different types of mattresses or who sell very cheap mattresses at a very high rate and so it is best to buy the mattress from a place whose sales process is very good and recommendable this way you will get the best mattress and also you can save yourself from gimmicks or frauds.

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. Check The Warranty And Lifespan

You must always check the lifespan of your mattress before buying your brand-new mattress. The key point you must check is that your mattress has a minimum lifespan of 7 to 10 years this way your investment in your mattress will be good. You must also buy it from a place where the sales process is good and that will completely replace your mattress within the warranty period if your mattress gets torn or destroyed or if you are facing any other problems with your mattress. The minimum warranty that the manufacturer should provide must range from 5-10 years.

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Therefore, these are the guiding points for you before purchasing your brand-new mattress. You must always remember to change your mattress after 7 years or if your mattress is the cause of lack of sleep which is making you frustrated and also affecting your physical health then you must immediately replace your old mattress with a new one. Also, one must always remember that it is always not necessary that if you will buy a very expensive mattress then it will be very good and if you will buy a low-budget mattress then it will be bad. Always check for reviews, quality, and comfort, and this way you will find your perfect mattress.

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