January 26, 2021

The digital ecosystem is changing dramatically, and the tech innovations have accelerated the progression in the industry lately. Just like every elapsing year, 2021 has brought us some interesting trends that will potentially reshape the landscape of the tech sector. These innovations will set a course for the future and how our lives will change in the coming few years. So, what are these trends? How influential are they? How will they impact your everyday lives? If you are curious about finding it out, read on.

1.        Increased Commonness Of 5G

5G technology has been hyped for many years, and it is foretold that it may go mainstream in 2021. Since we rely so much on videoconferencing, digital collaboration, remote work, a faster and more reliable internet is an indispensable need of our modern lives. Nothing more than the pandemic has made us acknowledge its undeniable significance.

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Therefore, we may witness the accelerated incorporation of 5G technology around us. According to the reported statistics, the technology will reach out to 1 billion users by the end of 2023. It will not only revolutionize the industries’ dynamics but also make it easier for companies with data-platforms to work more efficiently.

2.        Incorporation of Cloud-Based Technology

Since the emergence of cloud-based technology, running a firm was never this hassle-free. The tech provides everything from storage, services, tools, and other features via the network, eliminating the need for on-site software and hardware.

Most of the companies out there have already incorporated clouds in their systems to reduce overall management cost, introduce scalability, and make the setup more flexible. 60 % of IT work is carried out on cloud servers, while the figure is only going to increase.

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2021 is the year of distributed cloud technology, wherein location-based cloud services are provided by local cloud providers. It will reach deep into the tech industry because the tech ensures many several advantages — incredibly low data costs, less latency, and feasible physical proximity.

Portable Pocket Devices

The manufacturers are trying to fit everything — from everyday gadgets to computing technologies —in your pocket. Every year, we witness the world gradually shrinking as everything is becoming smart and more portable. 2021 will not be any different and will bring forth interesting pocketable tech gadgets that will add value to your lives.

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Surely, the mainstream tech industry will proffer another portable printer, a sleeker tablet, a cool mini-speaker, and so on. But everybody, especially the new generation, has their eyes on the vape industry. Expectantly, we may witness an improved heating system, new and revised flavors, and of course, enhanced portability and usability. For more updates, don’t forget to check out Vapocorner, which is a trustworthy online platform for finding the best vape deals out there.

3.        IOB or Internet of Behaviors

Never before was e-commerce this efficient at providing people what they want. IOB captures digital data from people’s online activities to create customer-specific personas. The data allows companies to track and target them with information, adverts, follow-up deals, invites, and so much more.  

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It doesn’t just stop at tracking online activities. IOB also involves buying patterns, public-sector info, social media history, demographic data, and other consumer information that was initially considered pointless. In this year, we will probably face an upsurge on the internet of behaviors.

4.        Growth of Digital Health Market

The COVID-19 outbreak exposed the fragility of our health system and made it clear that we lack what it takes to tackle a full-fledged global pandemic. It is such a situation that entails a strong need for a digital health system for effective monitoring and response against large-scale plagues. Now, the world is heavily investing in digital health, which is now growing at an unprecedented rate.

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The digital health market will expectantly reach $500 billion of net worth, whereas it was around $88 billion at the end of 2018.  It is only a matter of time when we will witness large-scale digitization in the health sector. And we highly believe, 2021 is the year.

5.        E-Sports

E-sports is a relatively newer concept, but it is gaining momentum. The recent development in the VR sector and the global health pandemic accelerated the growth of the e-sports market, which is expected to reach a net worth of $1.5 billion in the coming years. It will become a go-to hobby of the new generation soon who are already allured towards the concept.

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6.        The Demand for Ethical AI

AI has, without a doubt, altered our machines substantially, making them smarter than ever. However, the whole idea of immortal machines having human consciousness has raised some eyebrows. The late Stephen Hawking made a vivid statement about how dangerous AI could be if it evolved at the same rate.  These concerns have given birth to the concept of ethical AI. So, in the coming years, AI will be regulated and implemented more responsibly.

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