March 12, 2022

Solar water pumping system is the most attractive way to supply water in areas that lack electricity. It is a green and smart energy solution that combines economic, reliable, and environmental benefits. But how does it convert clean solar energy into energy that can be used directly? The solar pump inverter is the foremost part and plays a significant role in the solar pumping system.

As the earth’s available energy continues to deplete, the application of solar pump inverters will become more and more widespread. Continue reading this article to find out what a solar pump inverter is and how to choose a suitable one to convenient our lives. 

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What Is a Solar Pump Inverter?

At first, it is needed to figure out what an inverter is. For example, converting direct current into the alternating current is called inversion. In contrast, the circuit that completes the inversion function is called an inverter circuit, and the device that realizes the inversion process is called an inverter device or inverter. 

The solar water pumping system consists of three main components, including solar panels, a three-phase water pump, and a solar water pump inverter. A solar pump inverter gets direct current directly from a solar panel and converts it into alternating current to drive all pumps. The use of solar water inverters adapts to the needs of renewable energy sources with great efficiency and reliability. 

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What Are the Benefits Brought By a Solar Inverter Pump System?

Compared to conventional water pumping systems, because, with the solar inverter, the solar water pumping system has numerous advantages.

1. Energy Saving

The power source is the main difference between a solar water pumping system and a conventional system. Solar water pumps depend on solar panels to operate the equipment. Solar panels can be built into the equipment to power it, allowing it to work independently of any existing electrical system. As a result, it also can be widely available for use. In remote areas, water systems equipped with solar pump inverters are especially used in crop irrigation projects. 

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2. Environmentally Friendly

The water system with a solar inverter is a green and intelligent energy solution, which uses clean energy and does not produce any solid, liquid, or gaseous harmful substances during operation. In addition, it is safe, noiseless, and free from other hazards during operation.

3. High Economic Efficiency

The structure of the solar water pump is relatively simple, both for installation and maintenance. Under reasonable maintenance, the service life of the solar water pump will increase.

Choosing a suitable and highly effective solar pump inverter for the smart energy solution is important since it brings so many benefits. Here are some basic requirements and selection suggestions for judging solar water pump controllers. 

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How to Identify a High-Quality Solar Pump Inverter?

The basic design criteria for the solar pump inverters include rated voltage, capacity, efficiency, maximum power point tracking (MPPT) effectiveness, communication characteristics, and safety. These aspects are also important assessment factors to identify the performance of a solar pump inverter.

  • A solar pump inverter should have a reasonable circuit structure and strict screening of the components used. The pumping inverter has various protection functions, for example, input DC polarity reversal protection, AC output short circuit protection, overheat and overload protection, etc.
  • It should have a wide range of DC input voltage adaptation. As the solar insolation intensity will change, to ensure that the solar water pump can work normally, the solar pump inverter needs to ensure that the AC output voltage is stable within the voltage range required by the load.
  • It should have high efficiency, mainly referring to high conversion efficiency.
  • A solar pump inverter has high reliability, as a solar water pumping system is mainly used in remote areas. Many systems are even unattended and maintained, so they need high reliability. 
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Where to Find a High-Effective Solar Pump Inverter?

Now, you know that the solar pumping system with a solar pump inverter is efficient, energy-saving, space-saving, and environmentally friendly compared with the traditional ones. So, where to purchase a highly effective solar pump inverter for your water pump system? Who is the trustworthy supplier? 

One of the solar pump inverter manufacturers in the marketplace is the expert team at Bedford. They have over 16 years as an experienced designer, producer, and shipper of solar pump inverters and water pump controllers to reputable clients all over the globe. The solar pump system with inverters from their company has the features as below. 

  1. Based on the design concept of environmental protection and economy, the solar pumping system uses water storage instead electricity storage, so it has no battery device. It makes the entire solar water pump system more reliable while greatly reducing construction and maintenance costs.
  • Adopting advanced MPPT technology, a solar pump inverter has a faster corresponding speed and better operational stability. What’s more, the power generation efficiency of the solar cell array can be fully utilized.
  • Using a solar pump inverter, the water pump can realize automatic water level control. When the reservoir is in a high position, the pump will stop automatically; otherwise, it restarts automatically. The same applies to different strengths of the solar light in the different periods during the day.
  • It has diverse protection functions to improve the system’s reliability. They are specially designed for water users, suitable for various occasions, easy to operate.
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Since 2007, Bedford has been committed offer customers with high-value products, flexible and quality solutions. They have wide product lines, including variable frequency drive, water pump controller, VFD controlled pump, constant pressure water supply system, solar pumping systems. All these products are promised to be made with the best quality materials with the most stable software. All the products from Bedford have a full range of certifications to meet the requirement. With more than 6000 clients served and 100 countries exported, its products have passed the market test and have been appreciated by customers. Start your new energy tour today by contacting the professional team at Bedford!

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