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June 24, 2022

Lingerie can be overwhelming, let alone intimidating for those of us that haven’t ventured into the world of lingerie. If you are thinking of picking up some fun and sexy pieces, read ahead to gain a better understanding of the types of sets you can choose from, and which ones will work for your unique style.

Types of Lingerie Sets

Lingerie sets can come in a variety of different styles. These different types of sets are what we typically picture when we think of lingerie. A matching set will come with a coordinating top and bottom piece. These matching sets will make you feel confident, put-together and sexy. Let’s take a look at some of the different things you will come across when finding a matching set.

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Bra and Panties: Let’s talk about the basics first. The matching bra and panties combo doesn’t have to be boring and is a great place to start for those who are just getting into lingerie for the first time. It can be difficult to justify some of the pieces that cannot be worn under clothing when you are first starting out so this is a great versatile option. These sets can feature things like lace, silk, cut-outs, jewels or stylish straps and can be further enhanced with matching stockings. The best part of this combo is that you can really tailor it to your own shape and style. Where something like a corset top will enhance the chest in one way, bras come in styles all over the board that can help show off your best assets. Find a bra style that is well fitted and comfortable for the best effect.

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Corset or Bustier: If you are looking to take it a step further then a bra and panty set, try out a corset or bustier style with matching panties. While a corset and bustier are very similar in style, the bustier is designed to focus on enhancing your breasts while the corset has more focus on narrowing the waist. Both work through a series of ties in the back that can be tightened as you please to alter the look of the garment. If you are looking to enhance your feminine hourglass shape, or are looking to create the illusion of one, this is a great option for you to go with.

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Teddies: A teddy is a one-piece bodysuit that is similar to a one-piece bathing suit, but far more sheer. They are usually made entirely of lace or see-through fabric, but you can find them in a variety of fabrics and styles. This option is definitely going to be a less safe option then the first two, but if you want to show off your body by baring it all then this is a style that you will feel amazing in.

Baby Doll: The baby doll style is something that we see a lot on TV or in movies. Typically, you will see it worn by a group of girls at a sleepover in films. This could be due to it being a more modest and cutesy version of lingerie. This style will usually have a standard bra up top with a flowy and sheer fabric flowing down from the bust like a dress but stopping at the hips. If you are someone who doesn’t feel comfortable with form fitting garments or wants to be a bit more coverage when starting out with lingerie, this is a great style for you to try.

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Chemises: If you like the concept of a baby doll top but want something more form fitting then the chemise style is for you. The difference between the two is in the fabric that flows down from the bust and stops at the hips or just below. The baby doll top will be loose and flowing but the chemise style will appear more like a bodycon dress. The top will typically be sheer to show off your abdomen. These sets are also great for layering with other sets or stockings.

Robes and Gowns: Robes and gowns are a great addition to any lingerie set or they can be worn on their own for an entirely different vibe. You can find some robes that come in a set with panties to be worn as an entire look. But we recommend having a versatile robe or gown on hand to wear over your lingerie sets. This can be a great way to help yourself feel comfortable in lingerie if you are new to it.

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Choose Your Style

Now that you’ve got an idea of which type of lingerie that you will feel and look your best in, you can hit the shops. But as long as you feel confident and sexy in what you choose then you really can’t go wrong.


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