January 15, 2022

Forex is basically an easy way to trade currencies. But you need to follow few top-rated and best forex trading strategies to become successful. These strategies are being actively used by the top players in the Forex trading business to make a decent profit out of their hard-earned money. Top 5 of these strategies are as follows:

  • Currency Trading Vectors: 

It is the key trading strategy in the market. The trading Vectors for Forex are called Currencies, Credit/Debit Currencies and Pounds, Dollars and Euros.

These are available as Futures with Decent Futures open interest. This is an active strategy with 3 per cent profit on each trade. On the other hand, if you are looking for investing in one of the best forex broker then you can visit: https://tradefx.co.za/veracity-markets-account-registration/.

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2. Leverage Trading: 

It is being used by the professional traders to increase the profit they make from their Forex trades. It is one of the most active strategies used by the top traders to make profits.

To make profits in leveraged trading, the dealer buys some currency pairs and in times of extreme volatility, the trader can sell some currency pairs to realize the profit. A small profit every time is added to make huge profits.

3. Stop Loss: 

The third most used trading strategy used by the top Forex dealers to make profits. The trader can close out a position in a market and when he is wrong, he stops the loss on the basis of stop loss.

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The stop loss is the concept of the trader that he does not want to lose more than the value of a currency pair that he is trading and hence he has to take a call. It also helps to boost the profit and also help in minimizing the risk involved.

4. Brokerage: 

It is also used by the top traders to get higher levels of profits from their Forex trading. Traders have to pay for brokerage and this helps them in making trading more profitable and reduces risk involved in trading.

The broker helps in day trading in the electronic trading platforms of the various Forex brokers like EXX, Bloomberg and FXCM.

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5. Trade Trigger: 

The trade trigger strategy has been largely used by the top traders who are able to make good profits out of it. It is also called Split stops. The trigger is when the price of a currency pair drops rapidly.

As soon as the trigger is hit, the trader has to short sell a percentage of the currency pair. This strategy is used during times when the currency pair is coming down in value. In the case of buying, the trigger is when the price of a currency pair increases rapidly.


The 5 most used trading strategies for Forex traders are mentioned above and they have brought about good profits in Forex trading. These trading strategies work well in volatile markets and the gap in the Forex markets is also increasing day by day. As we mentioned earlier, these strategies were developed to maximize profits out of the profits of Forex trading.

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