January 17, 2021

Everyone loves to watch movies, and music videos are one of the most searched contents on YouTube. That being said, we are pretty sure that your YouTube would be filled with downloaded music videos. But hey, wouldn’t it be better to have the audio versions of these music videos? We bet it is! For this purpose, the users can opt for a YouTube downloader that can convert videos on YouTube to MP3.

Truth be told, converting the videos to MP3 seems like a cumbersome task, but it’s incredibly useful. However, if you know the right tool for it, the entire conversion process will be eased. That being said, opting for the converter software. There are various options available out there, but it’s hard to choose one from the plethora of options.

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With this article, we are sharing the factors everyone must consider while choosing the YouTube to audio conversion tools. So, let’s check them out and choose the suitable software with reliable performance and zero bugs!


To begin with, you must never pay until you have to. It’s pretty evident that the video to audio conversion tools aren’t too advanced or rocket-science as it was a decade ago. That’s to say because people can easily find the right tools without paying a single penny. So, if you don’t want the complicated, high-strength, and expensive, try using the free conversion tools because they are designed for your sake, right?

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Don’t Provide Information

Okay, so we have established that free conversion tools are great, but not all of them are safe to use. For instance, if the free video to audio conversion tool is asking for your contact information, such as email address, contact number, or credit card number, you need to run as far as possible. This is because that’s the scam app because nobody wants your contact information unless they want to scam you.

Lack Of Features

Once we are clear that you shouldn’t opt for the conversion tools that ask for personal information or contact information, you must avoid the tools that have two or one format. In addition, if there is no quality control, they will be frustrating even if it’s free. That’s to say that because what’s the point of wasting your time downloading the limited tool? In some cases, these limitations are added to push you to upgrade to the premium version, and who wants that while trying the free tool?

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Check Websites

Before you hit the install button on the app page, we suggest that you check the website of the tool. This is because even if you are using the free conversion tool, you will still need (and deserve) tech support. For instance, if you open the website and it has a one-page design or has a 404 error, you won’t ever get the support service. Even more, such websites often reflect on abandoned apps. So, have you established which is going to be your YouTube to audio converter?

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