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June 24, 2022

Choosing jewellery for heavy wedding lehengas might be difficult. With all of the glitz and glam on your wedding lehenga, you must pick your bridal jewellery with care. So that your bridal jewellery not only complements your heavy bridal lehenga, but also prevents you from looking like a Christmas tree.

Purchasing bridal jewellery should not be the first thing on your wedding to-do list, but it should also not be the last!

This is because you have a plethora of alternatives accessible, and it may be incredibly draining to choose just the correct pair to wear on your big day. It is the day you have always wanted, thus you cannot just assign the duties to someone else!

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We realise how important the event is to you and the significant investment you have made, so we have compiled a list of recommendations that a bride may utilise to make jewellery buying a little easier for her! and, we’re here to help with some pointers and techniques. We have even added some great ideas for styling your wedding accessories with your OTT lehenga.

Make a list of the jewellery you want to wear with your heavy bridal lehengas. –

Jewelry that contrasts with your outfit

You don’t have to wear a crimson neckpiece just because your lehenga is red. Contrasting your attire and jewellery has raised the bar in the wedding game. Many women appear stunning while experimenting with their bridal style.

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Tip: Try Blue Stone Jewelry on a Golden Lehenga

Display Your Passa Crown-like

Pairing a stunning passa with your heavy bridal lehenga provides the right oomph factor to your bridal appearance without detracting from the rest of your ensemble. It essentially completes your bridal look.

Tip: Make sure your passa fits correctly so it doesn’t seem out of place.

Ideas for Minimal Necklaces to Wear with Heavy Bridal Lehengas

Today, brides keep their jewellery to a minimum and look stunning on their wedding day as a trend. We like the over-the-top wedding lehengas combined with delicate gems.

Tip: A modest necklace with a heavy bridal lehenga is usually a good combo, and it also balances off your style.

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Bridal Jewellery Sets That Match The Outfit

You may always match your bridal jewellery to your wedding gown. It is both attractive and eye-catching.

Tip: Always choose jewellery that matches the colour of the bridal gown. Contrasting is also important, although elegance may occasionally steal the spotlight.

OTT Bridal Wear with Layered Necklaces

Layered beautiful jewellery is all about stacking diamonds and patterns to increase the volume of your bridal appearance. A stunning choker necklace complements stacked jewellery beautifully, as seen here.

Tip: Make sure your stacked jewellery isn’t too heavy, otherwise you’ll seem like you’re drowning in accessories.

Chokers look well with heavy wedding lehengas

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Choker necklaces are a tremendous hit with us. Without a doubt, they can quickly glam up a bridal ensemble.

Tip: These brides looked stunning in heavy bridal dress, and the choker necklaces were the icing on the cake. You need something nice and basic to design your look, especially when your dress is so hefty.

Contrasting Bridal Necklaces with Lehengas

These brides were the true show stealers, as they coupled some incredibly exquisite and contrasting jewellery with their wedding lehengas and left us speechless.

Tip: Allow your bridal gown to stand out by pairing it with contrasting jewellery, try buying from Melorra app to get the best gems. It will definitely draw notice with a nice modern addition.

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Earrings and Studs to Match Your Bridal Outfit

The correct set of earrings may help you add elegance, pzazz, and charm to your ensemble, as seen by this example.

Make sure your earrings are neither too little or too huge for you. Jhumkis are another nice alternative.

We hope you found a lot of inspiration from these brides who teamed stunning jewellery pieces with their heavy bridal gowns and looked stunning as ever. These accessories and patterns are much too lovely to pass up.



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