September 10, 2020

TheOneSpy is the best solution available for digital parenting and employee monitoring in the marketplace right now. It enables parents and employers to track all the activities performed on a target device, be it a cellphone, a tablet, a desktop computer, or a laptop, through a web portal. It offers the parents and employers a full hand at the monitoring and controlling the activities on the targeted device, allows cloning of all the activities, and enables comprehensive surveillance without any hint to the target user.

TheOneSpy (TOS) only encourages the ethical usage of their product, which is aimed at the betterment of kids’ and teens’ lives and establishing of businesses.

TheOneSpy – Mobile Tracking Flair

TheOneSpy mobile tracking software facility aims to monitor and control all the activities performed on a cellphone, allowing an ‘administrator’ access over the targeted phone virtually, without any hint to the target user. It is compatible with almost all the current versions of android OS and iOS.

TheOneSpy – A comprehensive control over all dynamics

The TOS furnishes a full hand to all the functionalities of the target user’s mobile phone. TOS logs and records all the incoming and outgoing calls with the location. It can restrict a certain number/contact to communicate with the target user. It allows control over the front and back video cameras and microphones to record the target user’s whereabouts.

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Once the software is installed, the pin password chaser identifies the password or the pattern to unlock the phone for the end-user. The TOS keylogger feature allows monitoring and spying all the passwords, Whatsapp, and SMS keystrokes on the target phone. The TOS enables to record screen while the targeted user uses camera, chrome, Gmail, SMS.

It offers to track the entire communication taken place through Gmail, grants complete access to the phone’s internal storage, be it contacts or photos and multimedia, tracks all appointments and calendar activities, provides hands-on access to the bookmarks, and browsing history of the phone. It allows to remotely lock or unlock the targeted phone as per required situation at any point of time or in order to restrict unauthorized access.

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The TOS can instantly implement browsing restrictions to be followed by the targeted device. The forbidden websites, directed by the end-users, will not be allowed to visit from the targeted phone.

TheOneSpy – Tracking the real-time location

The TOS empowers to incorporate Geo-fencing for the targeted phone. It allows to mark allowed and forbidden zones for the targeted device, once the target device leaves the allowed zone, and gets in to the forbidden zone, an email notification informs of the activity.

It allows to constantly monitor the location of the targeted device in real-time even if the GPS is not enabled. It tracks the history of all the locations visited.

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Tracking Social Media Apps’ Communication – Rooted Phone

TheOneSpy tracks, monitors, and controls all the communication and activities performed through social media apps i.e. Snapchat, Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, Line, Facebook Messenger, KiK, Instagram, Tinder, Vine, and IMO on the rooted phone.

It allows monitoring all the communication through these apps i.e. listening to voice notes, accessing and browsing chats, viewing shared multimedia, recording and listening to VOIP calls, and recording screenshots at any point of time. In fact, it is like using a phone of one’s own.

For many of the above discussed apps, TheOneSpy live screen recording feature allows to remotely record the respective app’s activities in real-time. 

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Tracking Social Media apps’ Communication – un-Rooted Phone

TheOneSpy cell phone spy app offers a wide range of spying and monitoring features even for the un-rooted phones except a few. Using the un-rooted phone as a targeted device, all the features will remain functional except spying the social media apps.

TheOneSpy – Going an Extra Mile

The TOS is not only the complete package to remotely look into all the whereabouts of the targeted device, but it allows switching the subscribed package between multiple devices. The subscribed package that gets disconnected from one device can be incorporated to another device at the consent of the end-user. 

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TheOneSpy – Computer Tracking Flair

TheOneSpy computer tracking facility aims to monitor and control all the activities performed on a Windows or MAC computer, allowing an ‘administrator’ access over the targeted device virtually, without any hint to the target user. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac OS.

TheOneSpy – A Comprehensive Control over all Dynamics

Besides tracking the mobile devices, the TOS furnishes a full into tracking the desktop devices or laptop computers of the employees or kids on Windows or Mac OS. The features stand out in all aspects from other spying services available in the marketplace right now.

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The TOS allows generating user-friendly reports of all the activities performed on a targeted device. It captures screenshots of the random activities of the users that enable to keep an eye on the target user. Likewise mobile phones, it allows the end-user to restrict access over certain dimensions i.e. blocking websites.

The end user can tailor the TOS as per needs; the end user can fix alarms for specific activities that provide a deep insight into the usage of the device. The TOS allows offline tracking of the target device alongside real-time monitoring.  Being offline, the end user can browse the log of all the activities performed later on.

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The TOS permits the end-user to stalk into the email, browsing history, and all other whereabouts of the target device, contributing to the ultimate goal of tracking the device.

The state-of-the-art feature that positions TOS way forward is that it allows the end user to assign productive and unproductive activities for the target user and notifying accordingly, which was not the part of any tracking facility earlier.

Mic and Camera Bug for Mac

The TOS provides an additional functionality to bug the mic and camera for Mac devices. The mic or camera can be turned on at any point of time for real-time surround monitoring.


Going around all this, it is concluded that the TOS is the best tracking facility available in the marketplace in all aspects, which covers all the dynamics of tracking the target user. The TOS furnishes with the best monitoring and controlling functionality to track the activities of the kids or employees, in all circumstances which may contribute towards betterment of kids and establishing businesses.

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