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January 17, 2022

What our pets want more than anything is to be with us. While they are only a part of our lives, we are their whole lives. Young or old, they measure their life in time spent with us vs. time spent without us.

Other than spending time with them, how can you make sure that your pet – the one who shares your home and your heart – stays happy and healthy?

What does it take besides a lot of love and time?

Dental care

Bad breath is no accident; our pets get it for the same reasons we do, and one of those reasons is poor oral health. However, the need for dental care goes far beyond the importance of treating “bad” teeth that are painful and can make animals reluctant to eat or drink. In addition, the bacteria involved in the infection can travel through the body, causing problems in other organs. You can help prevent dental disease by regularly brushing your pet’s teeth at home with toothpaste designed for animals, not humans, and making sure your vet checks your pet’s teeth at every appointment. In addition, your pet may need a dental cleaning under anesthesia for issues such as gingivitis, periodontal disease, or tooth resorption. Hence, every pet parent needs to have top rated pet insurance.

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While exercise helps prevent obesity, preventing weight gain isn’t the only reason. Our pets aren’t meant to live a life of dull luxury hanging out on the couch. Exercise also gives them a reason to sleep soundly at night and to have a social time.

It deepens the human-animal bond and makes our friends feel good everywhere. Just going for a walk to check for scents and pictures makes your dog’s day, and interactive cat toys will keep your cat’s mind and body alive.

Regular checks

Your pet should have at least one annual check-up with your veterinarian. This is the equivalent of your yearly physique. Some pets may need more frequent exams because of persistent health issues, age-related illnesses, etc. Your pet doctor will do a physical exam and feel the skin, muscles, bones, etc., looking for problems; check his teeth and make sure that his health appears to be good.

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Finding a potential problem as early as possible is always the best for your pet’s health. The older your pet, the more critical this preventative care becomes. Top rated pet insurance is basically like having compare pet insurance for the furry members of your family, which helps in lowering medical costs.


While the microchip tracking system isn’t perfect, having your pet chipped always increases the chances of bringing them home if they get lost. It doesn’t matter if he got lost while you were camping or just rushed out the door.

Tags can fall off necklaces. Necklaces can break. Cat collars come off for added security. In the aftermath of natural disasters, microchips can be invaluable.

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Your animal needs a balanced diet created for its species. Unfortunately, the pet food price doesn’t match the best food for your pet and their health needs. Check the food packaging. This group tests commercially available animal feeds and tells us whether or not they meet the nutritional needs of our animals. In addition, your pet needs fresh water.


Your veterinarian can recommend the most suitable vaccination schedule for your geographic area. However, no matter where you live, puppies and kittens need their initial set of vaccinations, called baseline vaccines.

After these essential vaccinations, what your pet needs depends on where you live and the lifestyle you and your pet lead. Thus, pet insurance NZ helps you maintain the necessary care for your pets.

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Having a four-legged friend means you’ll always have a little living creature who will be patiently waiting at home for you and ready to greet you, wagging your tail. They bring so much joy and love into your lives they, therefore, deserve every happiness and care.

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