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September 12, 2021

Rats and rodents get everywhere, including into your computer systems. Here’s what to do if your office gets pests.

SME owners have plenty to deal with. From running the day-to-day operations of your business to finding a brick-and-mortar establishment that can keep up with the growing demands on your business and time. However, among all of that productivity are the pests that are making things more challenging. That’s right: you can get rodents in the workplace just as quickly as you can get them in your home.

Rats Make a Home Anywhere

Rats and mice will make their home anywhere that they find warmth. Unfortunately, this usually means making their way indoors in the winter seasons, where we are forced to deal with them. Earlier this year, it was revealed that rats are taking over our offices and our homes.

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The things that attract rodents include food particles, improper storage, and opportunities to get inside your building. If you control these factors, the experts in pest control Sydney say that you can stop rats and mice from entering the office and keep them at bay.

Let’s assume it’s too late, and the rats are already inside. What sort of damage are they likely to do? They just eat crumbs and leave droppings, right?

Why you Can’t Allow Rats in the Office

You simply cannot suffer rats coming and going into your office space. So here are some of the top reasons you should call in an exterminator ASAP.

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They Spread Disease

Rats and mice both spread diseases. Their droppings leave fecal matter spread throughout your office, and their paws spread it even farther than that. In addition, they go in and out of garbage bags, leaving harmful bacteria like salmonella and e-coli all over your office. So if you don’t want employees to get sick, you have to deal with the rat problem. According to the Humane Society, rats are considered more frequent carriers of human diseases than any other lifeform.

They Chew Through Wires

It’s not just walking that rats like to chew on; they will happily nibble away at wires without a second thought. This leads to downed internet and maintenance costs on computers that you wouldn’t otherwise have had. Both spreading disease and nibbling through your wires will cost you more money overall through a loss of productivity.

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They Bite

More than 15,000 rat bites are reported in the USA every year. Rat bites can become infected or can induce a disease known as rat-bite-fever. RBF is characterized by joint pain, fever and chills, a headache, and a skin rash, up to ten days after you have been bitten. If you have suffered a rat bite, see a doctor immediately to lessen the risk of contracting deadly diseases.

Controlling Office Pests is Our Responsibility

IF you have office pests, it is your responsibility as a business owner or manager to deal with the infestation. If not, you could have several employee lawsuits on your hands or, worse – dead colleagues to deal with.

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