May 17, 2020

Now more than ever, it’s essential for hospitals and other medical teams to provide the best care. However, medical services are experiencing challenges like never before during the pandemic. Accurate and speedy medical care for those affected by COVID-19 is the need of the hour, and telemedicine can provide it to the patients from the safety of their homes.

Long-Island based physician Dr. Ari Bernstein, MD, is working to unite medical workers to work safely with patients and help everyone during this pandemic. “I’ve always been passionate about telemedicine services, but now they’re more important than ever,” said Dr. Bernstein. “Telemedicine can help people recover from COVID-19 and keep others from being exposed by offering online consultations and care.”

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Dr. Bernstein was named a Top Doctor in New York in 2018 for his work as an Internal Medicine Physician. He has vast experience in the fields of internal medicine, emergency medicine, sports medicine, urgent care, and health and wellness. At the outset of the pandemic, he was working on the front lines, although now he has transitioned to make a larger impact on telehealth.

Dr. Bernstein is an investor and serves on the advisory board of Fruit Street Health, a telemedicine diabetes prevention startup. When COVID-19 hit the nation, the company created CovidMD, to help people get the right information and respond appropriately to the current Coronavirus pandemic.

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“CovidMD lets people fill out a risk assessment, then receive personalized information based on CDC guidelines,” Dr. Bernstein said. “If the patient is sick, they can easily be connected with a doctor via live video chat to talk about their symptoms and determine the next steps. This helps deliver immediate patient care and keep people out of doctor’s offices or hospitals unless they have to be there.”

This is a difficult time for everyone, but delivering outstanding patient care by innovating in the telehealth space is a step in the right direction. These digital tools facilitate remote patient assessment and monitoring and lend a potentially safer environment for clinicians, doctors, and patients alike.

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