May 25, 2021

Your joints are the connectors between all the loose parts of your skeleton. They do not only offer support, but also flexibility. When they do not function properly, they can seriously limit your freedom of movement. Obviously, this can have a serious impact on your life. But luckily, there are some things you can do to keep them fit and healthy and prevent your joints from aging rapidly.  

Joints connect two or more bone ends. These ends are covered with a thin layer of cartilage, preventing your bones from scraping. Cartilage also functions as a shock absorber. Between the bone ends, a treacly bone-fluid can be found that serves as lubrication for your joints. All of this is covered by a joint encapsulation where different muscle tendons attach. The muscles surrounding your joints stabilize your joints and ensure an even load on your joints. When your muscles are weak, space between your joints results in bad posture and joint overload.    

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Different factors influence proper joint functioning. Smoking for instance, robs your body of important building blocks, needed for muscle construction and a good muscle function. Also, obesity, an unhealthy diet, or wrong and repetitive movement all harm your joints. 


Arthrosis is a condition where cartilage declines in quality, becoming rough and irregular and can even – in time – disappear completely. As the cartilage thins and the quality lessens, your joints are less able to handle shocks properly. Movement becomes hard and painful. Poor cartilage quality is part of the aging process. Between the ages of 40 and 50, most people notice slight joint damage. By the age of 75, more than 85% of people have noticeable signs of arthrosis. Well-known problem areas are hands, knees, hips, and shoulders. In battling Arthrosis, it’s best to eat alkaline neutral foods. Your body contains a protection mechanism for all tissue, like joints. Under the influence of enzymes and essential minerals like zinc, manganese, copper, and selenium, found in alkaline neutral foods, these enzymes help protect your joints from early signs of arthrosis. Green-lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus) is a mussel species that contains glucosamine, for example, aiding in normal joint functioning. Even if your joints are painful it’s important to keep moving.  

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Inflammation of the joints is called arthritis. These inflammations can be very painful when moving or during pressure on the joints. Symptoms are pain, redness, warmth, stiffness, and swelling. The joint encapsulation will produce inflammation fluid (instead of bone-fluid) blocking the supply of nutrients to your joints. This may be caused by the crystallization of substances like urate or oxalate. These substances arise during the breakage of purine. Purine can be found in foods like fatty fish, veal, organ meats, gelatine, and foods containing yeast, but also in celery, artichoke, corn, legumes, peanuts, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, and raisins. Crystalized sediment on the joints causes irregular cartilage, causing your body to react with inflammation. This is known as Arthritis Urica, in an auto-immune context (when your body is fighting your immune system), it’s called rheumatism. When these diseases are causing you pain, contra-inflammatory painkillers are used, but also a green-lipped mussel supplement can help combat pain, in combination with movement.   

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Some people think that exercising and movement are the cause of Arthrosis or Arthritis, while it’s the other way around. Exercising regularly helps to keep cartilage healthy and Arthrosis at bay. By moving, your cartilage is being activated, blood flow is quickened, resulting in more nutrients reaching joints and cartilage. When you’re suffering from joint pain, you’re probably inclined to not move. When suffering from Arthritis, it’s best to move as long as your not in pain. This way, you’re also assisting your immune system in battling inflammation and recovering the joint. In the case of Arthrosis, it’s best to keep moving. In case of inactivity, joints stiffen and weaken your muscles. Get into exercise that stimulates muscles and built condition without straining your joints, go for a swim, a walk, a bike ride, or practice yoga. It’s not recommended to practice sports like soccer and basketball, as well as martial arts and extreme sport like snowboarding and kite surfing. In these types of exercise, your joints are impacted highly and sideways, resulting in increased pain. In any case, take time for a proper warming-up and cooling-down regimen. In this way, blood flow to your joints and muscles is improved and fluids in your joints flow quicker, resulting in fewer injuries.  

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