February 21, 2022

Businesses worldwide use Emails as their preferred medium of digital marketing because it is practical, costs less and is highly popular among all generations. Through email marketing, you can reach millions anywhere globally and promote yourself in the process. However, increasing the ROI from email marketing is just as important as generating revenue. So let us see how hiring a reputed email marketing agency can help you drive sales and increase the ROI.

Automation of Marketing Emails

Marketing automation is beneficial for organisations that create marketing campaigns on a large proportion that intend to mail everything out in a specific timeframe. However, where do businesses goof up here? They set it on a complete automation mode and forget about it. This factor is a big no as it can have more negative effects than positive and decrease ROI. To understand how effective your emails are, evaluate how your consumers interact with them. You can do this by calculating these three factors:

  • Revenue received per consumer.
  • Revenue received per email.
  • Revenue received per 1000 emails.
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This process will also help you identify the best times to send your consumers the marketing emails. By increasing the likelihood of your consumers opening your emails instead of trashing them, you can increase revenue and drive up sales.

Regularly validate existing Email Addresses

Consumers change their email addresses over time. Sending out marketing emails costs money. This money goes to waste if the recipient never actually receives the email! Factors such as users reporting your emails as spam, high bounce rates, low open rates can significantly affect the sales and ROI. Hence, validating the existing email addresses and junk out the trash values is better. 

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Gather Data from your Website

A website, like Google Analytics, is an essential component of every organisation. Visitors to your website have the best possibility of converting into leads or replying to your email. Identifying your website visitors’ demographics and interests might help you personalise your email marketing appropriately.

Google Analytics is an excellent tool for learning about a visitor’s location, where their purchase interests lie, etc. This attribute will help you recommend products according to their liking to them. Through Google Analytics, you can also monitor the headcount of people visiting your website in real-time.

Use Campaign response Data

If you have done email marketing campaigns before, their data will be stored in your email marketing platform. This way, you will already have a perspective about:

  • Who reads your emails?
  • Which device do they use to read your emails?
  • What time of the day do they open them?
  • What links do they click?
  • Where are they from?
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Additional points if you can track their purchase history too! This data can assist you in preparing for your next email marketing campaign. How? You can use this to segment your emails according to your consumers’ positions in the sales funnel and create personalised emails for each segment. This approach will enable new users to receive generic emails, whereas your top clients will receive freebies and massive discounts for their loyalty to the brand.

Send optimised Emails

Consider that most of your customers check their emails on the go. This factor means that they usually use portable devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Therefore, your marketing emails need to be appropriately optimized for all these devices with the text, colour scheme, font, images and light/dark mode if you want your customers to care about you. 

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Remember to keep your marketing emails concise by keeping the necessary information in short paragraphs and points. Do add the CTAs appropriately according to the screen size of these respective devices. This strategy will lead potentially up the readability score, which can drive up sales and increase the ROI.

Send different Emails to different Segments

The goal of creating and maintaining an email list is to give you concentrated and highly reliable information about your consumers. Spending months messaging a prospect on your list to find out that they are not a suitable fit for your product or service is a horrible waste of time. Worse, they may no longer even live there. When you send out marketing emails to people who are irrelevant to your business, it is a failure as it will reduce your response rates, reduce sales and decrease the ROI significantly.

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Email marketing is a brilliant way to reach massive amounts of customers worldwide. By keeping your data and email lists updated regularly, you can ensure higher ROI from your campaigns. Ensure that your emails are optimised and mobile-friendly. Lastly, by enabling email automation and monitoring it occasionally, you can increase sales and revenue over time. 

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