December 25, 2020

Everybody knows how traditional braces work, and because they have been around for so long, sometimes people just want something different.

That is where an invisible teeth aligner comes in. Clear, plastic braces that are easily taken off and put back on whenever you need to, unlike the uncomfortable metal braces that you have no choice but to keep on for a good two or three years.

However, teeth aligners are new enough that many of us are unfamiliar with them. Do they work, or are they just too good to be true?

Simply put, invisible teeth aligners do work- but not for everyone.

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What are Clear Aligners, and how do they Work?

Invisible teeth aligners are a new alternative to the traditional braces that can transform your teeth- and your smile- without being as much of a commitment to the metal ones we are all familiar with. They are easily removable, typically made of safe, plastic material that render your braces basically invisible.

They are custom made to fit over your teeth in a sequence of different trays, which you have to wear for a specific amount of time each day- typically 20 hours or so for two weeks, before changing over to the next one. They work by aligning your teeth slowly over the course of your changing the aligners each time. Consistently kept up, the process can take anywhere between six months to two years to correct your teeth.

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When can you Tell that you Need Teeth Aligners?

If you are in need of something to help you close the spaces between your teeth, deal with rotating teeth, or if your teeth do not meet properly, it may be time to seek an appointment with your orthodontist. If your issues are not too complex or severe, then you may be able to opt to use invisible teeth aligners instead of traditional metal bracers.

While clear aligners are much more convenient, they are not advisable for all sorts of dental issues. Primarily, they are great solutions for mild or moderate crowding of teeth, or incorrect spacing between teeth. To add, they work best if your back teeth are already properly or completely aligned.

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If your dental issues are more severe (such as fixing an ovrebite, underbite, or teeth that are greatly misaligned), you may find yourself better suited to using metal bracers instead.

Pros of Invisible Teeth Aligners

Before committing to using invisible aligners, it’s good to find out where they perform better than the traditional solution.

  1. Invisible aligners do not use wires or screws, which make them more comfortable than metal bracers. They are less likely to scrape your teeth and cause cuts inside your mouth.
  2. They are easy to remove, much like retainers, and can be taken off and put back on for drinking, eating, or dental care procedures like brushing your teeth or flossing.
  3. Their look makes them easier to wear during the day, as opposed to the awkward look most metal braces often have.
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Every person’s needs are unique, but rest assured that if you do need an invisible teeth aligner, Beforedent is your best choice. Beforedent provides 100% BPA free clear, plastic aligners that are affordable and convenient.

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