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June 15, 2022

You can choose from different chest types to get one that completes your bedroom decor. This guide will cover different types of chests and how they will complement your place. A chest is a critical element that addresses your bedroom storage needs. Therefore, it is vital to choose one that best fits your bedroom.

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Types of Chests for your Bedroom

  • Media Chest 

As the name implies, a media chest provides storage solutions for multimedia devices. It offers space to store TV and other electronics, such as gaming consoles. Moreover, users can also store different personal items, such as CDs and DVDs. You can place this chest right across your bedroom to get the best view from your bed.

  • Bachelor Chest 
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This type of chest is smaller and shallower compared to the standard size. It is ideal for one person to store their belongings. It usually consists of only 3-4 drawers and can easily fit right beside the bed.

  • Lingerie Chest 

A lingerie chest is perfect for storing undergarments neat and sophisticatedly. Not only do these chests save space, but the compartments also offer enough space to neatly store underwear. You can easily install these anywhere in the room; usually, people keep them right beside the closet.

Types of Materials Used to Craft Bedroom Chests 

You must choose a suitable material for a bedroom chest since it can affect the overall look of a bedroom. Besides that, it also influences the longevity of the chest. Here are a few materials that are used to craft chests:

  • Wood
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Wood is one of the most popular options for bedroom chests since they offer various benefits to the user. There are different types of wood out there, such as solid wood and engineered wood. Since wood is a standard furniture option, it’s an easy choice for a chest that will seamlessly flow with the rest of your decor.

  • Metal 

When people opt for durability over aesthetics, metal is the first option that comes to mind. Metal can elevate the look of your bedroom and add a touch of glamour. You can even choose from various finishes, such as gold, copper, or bronze.

Final Thoughts 

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It is crucial that your bedroom chest provides optimum use and functionality. It needs the right features and should be made from quality materials to ensure longevity.

As we identified, different chests can help you complete your bedroom. You can implement chests in your bedroom to get rid of storage problems once and for all.


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