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October 17, 2022



We all know that jewellery is an important part of every woman’s closet. It is one of the most beloved ways to express our personality and decorate our attire. Whether it is our luxurious diamond necklace, gemstone studded rings, or daily wear earrings, we all want to keep our jewellery sparkling forever. Over time gold or diamond jewellery especially the ones that wear on daily basis starts losing its sheen and appears dull. We bring you here some amazing yet simple care tips to keep your fine jewellery as good as new for a lifetime or even beyond.

  1. Wear it with caution: It may seem obvious to wear jewellery carefully, but because we’re constantly in a rush, many times we don’t be vigilant and gentle enough while wearing them. This itself can cause the jewellery pieces to get scratched, or even dented. As a thumb rule, always wear your jewellery the last while getting ready, and remove it first. By doing so you are preventing your fine jewellery from becoming tarnished by the chemicals that may be present in perfumes, makeup or even hairspray. We also recommend that you remove your designer solitaire rings while doing the dishes or other manual jobs.
  2. Regular gentle cleaning: A lot of us don’t pay attention to the cleaning process of the jewellery that we wear. Occasional cleaning should be done to get rid of dust, grime, oil and other contaminants. If you have never cleaned your jewellery before, then it’s best to seek the advice of your jeweller. Stick to cleaning your jewellery with lukewarm water mixed with gentle detergent, and use a soft bristle brush or make-up brush to remove the dirt between the groves. Once that is done, lay the jewellery pieces on a soft lint-free towel and let them dry completely. Don’t rub it too hard, you may cause the gemstones to become loose. Remember that different metals and gemstones require different cleaning techniques. For example, while cleaning pearl jewellery you shouldn’t submerge it in water like gold jewellery. You should rather use a soft, wet cloth to clean each pearl to avoid discolouration.
  3. Change your jewellery: While we love some of our jewellery pieces over others because of the sentimental value attached to them, it’s a good idea to rotate your jewellery pieces now and then. This also adds a breath of fresh air to your look. If you have been on the lookout to add some distinctive fine jewellery to your daily wear collection, then you should check out Melorra. Check this website and be prepared to be mesmerized by their various designer jewellery collection that is so affordable.
  4. Use cloth jewellery bags for storage: Whenever you are storing your jewellery, use a cloth bag or a box over any plastic bags. It’s always a good idea to wrap each jewellery piece in individual jewellery-friendly cloth which is easily available in the market before you place them in your jewellery box. This will prevent the moisture to seep in and avoid the pieces from tangling with each other which can also cause abrasions to the more delicate pieces.
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Buying fine jewellery is nothing short of an investment. Keep a track of all the bills, certificates and insurance, because these come in handy when you want to get your valuable jewellery repaired or replaced.


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