February 26, 2022

CET stands for Common Entrance Test. Students who want to work in government and public sector banks and railways can appear in the CET examination for non-gazetted posts. CET is conducted every year, twice by NRA (National Recruitment Agency). Students who are graduate, higher secondary pass, or matriculate can appear for the examination based on their group requirements.


Here are some easy tips to qualify for the CET examination. Let’s have a look at them.


  1. CET is your primary focus: When you are preparing for the Common Entrance Test, your entire focus should be on clearing the test. It would help if you were focused and clear in your mind that you have to qualify for the examination, and you have to perform well in the examination no matter how. To keep your focus, do all the necessary things that are required to do for the examination. There may be lots of distractions around you, which could distract your mind from the examination and could carry you away. But! If you want to crack the examination, you need to stay away from all kinds of distractions like friends, the loud sound of T.V., etc. Ask your friends and family not to disturb you when you are studying. Keep your entire focus on your preparation. When you focus on clearing the examination, you will be able to score good marks.
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  1. Chalk out a good plan: To qualify for any examination, you need to make the proper strategy regarding the examination. You have to make an appropriate plan listing your examination strategy. When you are prepared for the examination, it will be easier to move ahead and achieve your dream. Make a plan of everything, like how you’re going to prepare for the examination, from which study materials you will study? How much time are you going to give for preparation? Make a proper strategy depending on your capability and syllabus. Once you succeed in making the right plan, you will surely succeed in the examination, and also you will be able to score good marks. But you should I.P. also need to stick to your planning to achieve your goals.
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  1. Do not micromanage: it has often been seen in the students that they cannot manage between the subjects very well. Mismanagement leads to panic situations and tension due to which children are not able to qualify for the examination. Therefore, students need to properly manage the subjects to be eligible for the examination. Since there are questions from various subjects in examination and to allow you to have prepared all the subjects suitably, please make a list of all the subjects that will come in the examination and divide them appropriately. Make a study plan and give equal time to all the subjects. It becomes crucial to establish a balance between the subjects as it will help you score good marks in the examination.
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  1. Take short breaks: Breaks are essential while preparing. When you study for a longer time, your mind gets exhausted, and you will start feeling low. Boredom also causes a lack of concentration and interest in your study. To concentrate on your research and keep your mind calm, you need to take a break. It is essential to refresh your mind to give your 100% to study. So! It is better to take short breaks in between your study. You can take a 15-30 minute break and go for a tea or coffee break. You can spend your time listening to music that calms your mind and soul; you can read various motivational quotes for students. You can meditate, which is again very helpful in relaxing your mind. So! I never feel tense about taking a break. Take a break, recharge yourself and study with complete focus.
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Final Words


Qualifying for the CET examination is not at all an arduous task. All you need to do is go through it correctly. You can join live classes online to prepare for the CET examination, or you can also qualify through self-study. For better preparation tips, follow the points mentioned above.

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